Art and beer festival this weekend!

I am always looking for something fantastic to do on weekends that’s fun, unique and cool- which is why i love blanket’s and wine and religiously follow Muthoni on social networking sites to find out what she will be up to.

Anyway my favouritest ex co-host and good friend Jaymz Kiama called me up last week and set a date with me. It’s been a while since ‘Hot Source’ but let me tell you, my love for this man is paramount! He told me I had to be at ‘The Art and Beer Fest’ this weeknd.

He had me at art  and beer-and throw in some quality time with friends and music and it’s the perfect plan right?

The Art and Beer Fest aims to be a mirror to Kenyans and visitors to the country by providing a platform where they can see and celebrate local art in all its genres and learn more about themselves and the surrounding.

The event is also a platform for the artists and creatives to showcase and interact with art lovers about their art and view on society and earn from it.

The event doubles up as a charitable event aimed at supporting and raising awareness towards social progress with our focus on Children Rights – Education and Wellbeing.Cool beans right?

The event is set to be held at Race Course Grounds, Ngong Rd on Saturday 10th from 12pm to Sunday 11th, 6pm and will include local brewers and microbrewers, a bikers’ procession, motor vehicle art jobs, body art, tattoos and piercings, any Kenyan made products exhibition among others activities. There will also be an award giving ceremony for Homegrown Heroes Award and my source tells me there will even be camping groundds for those who plan to spend the wole weekend there!

Sounds terrific and i definitely will be there. Check out their website for more info:

Advance Season Tickets: 2000

Season Tickets at the Gate: 2500
Sunday Only Tickets: 1500

VIP Tickets: 4000

Tickets will shortly be available at Dormans, Brew Bistro, USIU, & Strathmore

It’s so gonna be worth it:)

The Art and beer fest, kenya


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