Dick Clark: 10 Ways He Changed Pop Culture Forever

Will anyone be as influential over pop culture as Dick Clark was? Not likely.

Yes, musicians like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson revolutionized popular music, and TV owes its very bones to innovators such as Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin.

But it’s tough to find one man who straddled all of that, launching so many touchstones of pop culture over so many decades:

1. Dancing to the Hits: In 1957, Clark’s American Bandstand show debuted nationally. Every single weekday afternoon until 1963 (and then weekly until the early 80s) kids would tune in to watch their peers dancing to their favorite pop acts. The format inspired a string of descendants from Soul Train to Britain’s Top of the Pops.

2. Discovering the Stars: Any pop star who broke big between 1960 and 1990 owes thanks, in part, to Clark. The alumni list includes Madonna, Elvis, John Mellencamp, Rod Stewart, Prince and Jon Bon Jovi, among many others.

3. Making New Year’s Eve Cool: Before the 1970s, New Year’s Eve was a more staid affair, at least for Americans, who were used to watching big band act Guy Lombardo every Dec. 31. Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve changed that, bringing in younger acts. In recent years, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Janet Jackson, among many others, have joined him to watch the ball drop.


4. Building the Pyramid: One of the first quiz programs to offer a huge cash prize in under a minute, the seminal game show debuted with Clark at the helm in 1973. Other hosts eventually took over, and the show met its sunset in 2004. But thanks in part to Clark, Pyramid remains one the most decorated of its kind, with nine Daytime Emmys, second only to Jeopardy!

5. Pranking the Rich and Famous: Clark coproduced the show TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes, which debuted in the 1980s. The series featured, among other gags, pranks on big stars. It wasn’t the first of its kind—Candid Camera pulled jokes on TV, too, mostly on ordinary people—but Clark’s show was certainly one of the most influential; call it a prototype for Punk’d. The idea is still wildly popular; Bloopers is set to return to television this fall.


Anthony Hopkins is Alfred Hitchcock: FIRST LOOK!

It’s amazing what tons of makeup can do.

Seriously. Check out this new image of Anthony Hopkins portraying Alfred Hitchcock!

Anthony Hopkins is Alfred Hitchcock

The Oscar winner has successfully transformed himself into the legendary filmmaker for the upcoming movie Hitchcock, which focuses on the iconic director’s efforts to make a little piece of cinema known as Psycho.

Production on the film began, appropriately enough, last Friday the 13th.

Hopkins is part of an all-star cast that includes Helen Mirren as Hitchcock’s wife, Alma Reville; Scarlett Johansson as original scream queen Janet Leigh; Jessica Biel as actress Vera Miles; and James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins.

I smell an Oscar for Hopkins…what do you think?

Bond abandons his ‘shaken not stirred’ martini in new film for BEER??

We all love James bond, even if it is someone like Daniel Craig playing him but for once I agree with the wannabe bond who says all the product placement in the new film sucks!

You see the new James bond film- sky fall will be sponsored by Heineken, hence Bond will no longer drink his ‘shaken not stirred’ martini but he will opt for a beer?

How weird right?

Whatever next? Carrie Bradshaw wearing Crocs?

Rihanna Diddy Ashton and Chris?

Looks like Rihanna just can’t stay out of drama or trouble or Chris brown!


This time around Ashton Kutcher and Diddy have  been dragged into the Rihanna, Chris brown drama.

Rumor has it that Brown has threatened Ashton Kutcher — telling him to stay away from his ex.

 According to a source close to Rihanna she’s been seeing Chris while dating Ashton

So brown warned Ashton via their mutual friend, Diddy, to keep his distance from her. At first, Ashton took it as a joke – but Diddy told him that Chris was dead serious and really worked up about the idea that Rihanna has moved on.”


Who needs ‘days of our lives’ when we have this lot to spice up our lives?

Jlo keeps the locals away

When you come from THE BLOCK then make tons of cash, it kinda gets to your head doesn’t it?


You think you can literally buy anything right?

You see not only has JLo acquired a boy-toy but she paid nearly a grand to rent out a public beach in L.A. last weekend … to keep the riffraff away from her family and children.


Jennifer forked over $925 to the city of Long Beach to rent out Marine Beach just for her, her kids, including Casper Smart and other family and friends.

Guess she really wanted the privacy.

Meanwhile, a bunch of sad locals stayed home and played with dirt.

Just like Marc Anthony!

Wahu spreads the peace, love and unity!

Wahu has urged fellow artistes to team up to promote music of peace during the campaign period to prevent the violence experienced after the disputed December 2007 presidential poll.

Wahu stated that despite different ethnic backgrounds all artistes should unite to spread peace.

Speaking in Malindi, wahu stated they have already set up the One Kenya initiative which will spread the message of unity.


Sounds awesome!

Tu Face welcomes baby no 6!

Naija singer Tuface is a father again!


He welcomed baby no 6 and we do wish him well but here’s where the drama comes in.

Tu face is engaged to Annie Macaulay but baby no 6 is from a woman named Pero Adeniyi based in the US.


Tuface Annie

According to sources, Pero already has 3 kids by Tu face and is trying to keep the news under cover…

well maybe her and Tu face shouldn’t have gone undercover then right?


If you ask me, sounds like someone wants a green card and is ready to make anyone his African queen for that purpose!

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