More Chris Brown and Rihanna Tweet pics?

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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

I know its not healthy, but I eat at my desk…. with 4 jobs to juggle and all my content from the internet I love eating at my desk and I honestly hate buying lunch.

So I always bring my food from home…I have an excellent mother in law who concocts the most delicious dinners which helps with leftovers the next day but here are a few tips to upgrade your lunch the healthy way.

Fill out your lunchbox with the following:

  • Fruit – include fruit such as apples, grapes, plums and berries. Chopped fruit, fruit salad or dried fruit such as apricots, raisins and dates can be easily handled and eaten by children. A fruit smoothie is also a healthy option.
  • Vegetables – chopped vegetables such as carrot, celery and cucumber can be included with dips such as hummus to provide a nutritious snack. Cherry tomatoes, sliced peppers, baby corn and sugar snap peas are great for adding colour and are easy for young children to eat.
  • Desserts – fruit can be added to low-sugar jelly, or mixed in with natural yoghurt for a tasty dessert. Yoghurt drinks or small pots of custard or rice pudding can top up calcium intake and provide an alternative to more sugary or fatty options. If you like cakes and biscuits, try varieties such as hot-cross buns, scones and malt loaf. Include your favourite cake once in a while, but keep the portion small.
  • Variety is key to keeping lunchboxes appetising and appealing. Sandwich fillings can be packed with salad to add colour and nutrients, and accompanied by low-fat nutritious options such as lean meat, fish, egg and low-fat cheese.
  • Adding a treat every now and then is fine – try fun-size chocolate bars, snack-sized packets of biscuits and sweets to keep portions small and the calorie, fat and sugar content low.
  • Fruit and cereal bars are great for breakfast at the desk…
  • i mix a selection of pistachios, almonds and walnuts- my fave nuts- in a ziplock bag and snack on them throughout the day as Storebought mixes are expensive and odnt have the nuts i like
  • A colleague at work- Kamal Kaur- also makes her own dry fruit and nuts mixededition which helps her beat sugar lows…
  • or drink cups of green tea whenever you can…it increases your metabolism and burns fat

Have a happy healthy week….

Rapper Dr. Dre tops Forbes highest-paid musicians list

Hip-hop artist Dr. Dre has topped a Forbes list of the 25 highest-paid musicians in 2012.


The dude made 100 million dollaars just from his head phone business alone….here’s hoping Kenya’s Avril and her brother rake in the same kind of moola 1 day with their own line coming out soon…

Mickey Mouse poster from 1928 sells for $101,000 in US

i grew up watching Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and my fondest memories as a child are of Disney characters…..but I still wouldnt spend 8 million kshs and more on a Mickey poster……

Well A 1928 film poster of Mickey Mouse has been sold to a mystery buyer for more than $100,000 (£62,320) at an auction in Texas.

The colour poster is one of the earliest surviving images of the iconic character, created by Walt Disney.

The poster was sold by the family of a deceased collector in California…Guess they needed the cash…but would you ever spend tons of moola on something like this if you had it?mickey

Shakira sued for $100m by former boyfriend

Colombian pop star Shakira is being sued for $100m (£62.4m) by a former boyfriend who acted as her business manager for six years.

shakira anthony

Antonio de la Rua claims he was the “principal architect” of a business plan that turned the singer into a global superstar.

He is seeking to “recover his share of past and future partnership profits,”

Sounds like a DOUCHE to us!

In a separate case, Shakira is suing De la Rua for misappropriation of funds.

Her legal case, filed in the Bahamas in October, accuses him of paying himself an unauthorized bonus and using funds from their business partnership to pay personal expenses.

Mr De la Rua denies the allegations.

Once gain, sounds like a DOUCHE


Gangnam Style beats Bieber as most watched on YouTube

It’s official. “Bieber Fever” has broken and given way to “Gangnam Style.”

Move over Bieber, Gangnam is the new youtube king

Rapper Psy on Saturday edged out the teenage pop star for the distinction of most-watched YouTube video eve



r, netting more than 806 million views.

Justin Bieber, had previously held the crown with just under 804 million online visitors.

“Gangnam Style” in October also snatched the Guinness World Record for the “most liked” YouTube video ever as well

Gangnam is slowly taking over the world!