For yonks men and women have argued over whose fart smells worse and now there’s proof…

After generations and generations of research, science has FINALLY answered one of the questions that’s plagued mankind FOREVER.  Whose GAS smells worse, men’s or women’s?

 A study by five gastroenterologists from Denmark and England has found that the gender with the more foul-smelling flatulence is . . . WOMEN.

 And those aren’t their only new insights.  Here’s what else they found . . .

The average person breaks wind 10 TIMES a day.

 And it’s not your imagination . . . you really DO feel the need to pass more gas when you’re on a plane.  It’s because of the change in air pressure.

But in that case, you SHOULD let it rip.  You can cause yourself pain and bloating by holding them in.  AND, the fabric in the seat cushion absorbs at least 50% of the odor, so you’re not even being THAT rude to the other passengers.

 Still don’t buy that women have smellier farts…something STINKS if you ask me


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