There’s just something about sitting all day in your pj’s infront of the telly watching BBA, and ever since last season i have been depressed, anxiously waiting for for BBA.

For now I am at peace watching Kardashian re-runs, Married to Jonas and Big Rich Texas…and ahem..HERE COME HONEY BOO BOO (SHOOT ME PLIZ)

But In less than three months, new housemates will be revealed in season 8 of AfricaMagic’s Big Brother Africa and one of them could be you.

The audition phase has arrived and you stand a chance of being a housemate on of the most successful television series on the continent.
Auditions for shortlisted candidates in Kenya will take place at The Kenyatta International Conference Centre K.I.C.C in Nairobi on Friday 15 March to Sunday 17 March from 09:00 am.

However, if you were unable to enter online or submit the entry at your nearest MultiChoice office, the good news is that there is still an opportunity to enter through the open auditions on the same dates, venue and time.

The open auditions allow individuals that were unable to enter before entries closed one last chance to impress the selection team. All you are required to do is fill in the entry form which is currently available at your nearest MultiChoice office, then make your way to the audition venue where a production team member will assist you.

Remember, entries are only open to persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of the participating countries and who either have a valid passport or will be able to obtain one by the end of March.

Producers are looking for persons who are fluent in English, entertaining, open-minded, adventurous, bold and passionate about the Big Brother experience. Importantly the selection team is looking for qualities of tolerance, determination and enthusiasm.

 The new housemates will be revealed on 26th of May  to audiences in 47 countries across Africa.

The prize money of USD 300 000 is up for grabs to the last housemate standing, will it be you?
For more information on Big Brother Africa auditions log on to; ; .

Sigh…i am itching to enter….oh well…


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