Healthy eating Tips….Getting my HEXY back

Ya I know, It’s March and like me you are thinking, what happened to that resolution in the beginning of the year? How i promised myself (like every year since i was 14 and discovered potato chips) that i would lose those extra kilos?

My moment came a few seconds ago…i mean, my weight has been creeping up on me, and i know the frenemies, friends, family and even colleagues are gossiping if i got preggers or something, but sorry folks it’s just a combination of bad food, no limits and being happy that’s making me full in the gut..

So this afternoon after devouring an entire bag of crisps, i dolefully looked at SOX, and his no judging eyes and realised it was time to get my HEXY back…

Hexy? you ask….well i am a wee bit eccentric so i  coined sexy and healthy back together…coz sure it’s important to get sexy but it’s vital to be healthy…so here’s my solemn promise (YET AGAIN) to manage my health for the long term….Stop rolling your eyes at me and join in this journey…my battle with weight loss could become yours too you know…

so to inspire me to get hexy again, i will attempt to get positive, and you are welcome to read the posts or not…becoz i may just get a wee bit suicidal if i don’t get that extra Max Fry’s cheap and  i may become a raging B**** if i don’t get my daily portion of white rice …but your support will always be treasured:)

So off we go….


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