Four Traits of Terrible Bosses

Look what I found on Yahoo…Thank G for my awesome bosses……..sORRY YOURS SUCKS

 If you like complaining about how bad your boss is, here’s some more fuel for that fire.  According to an expert on leadership and middle management, here are the top four traits of terrible bosses. 

 #1.)  They Act Like They’re Above You.  A good boss makes you feel like everyone’s part of the same team.  But a lot of people in middle management like to make it abundantly clear that YOU are working for THEM.

 #2.)  They’re Not Transparent.  Good bosses don’t come across like they have a hidden agenda.  And they also don’t try to solve every problem on their own.  If there’s a potential issue with something, they’re usually open about it.

 #3.)  They’re Undisciplined.  A good boss keeps tabs on everything, and they’re clear about what their expectations are.  Bad bosses tend to ask for something, then not follow up until two weeks later, right before they NEED it.

That’s not to say your boss should be looking over your shoulder all day.  But if they don’t have a strong idea of what’s going on in the office, then they’re probably not doing their job all that well.

 #4.)  They’re Detached.  Meaning they’re always in their office, and don’t have much face-to-face time with you.

–It doesn’t just kill morale.  It’s also bad for business, because without spending time around their staff, they don’t get a solid idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.





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