One Direction Get Waxed

I have to confess a couple of months ago, i had no idea who these guys were until a couple of tweenies passed out infront of me at the sight of the directioners at a 70th birthday party.

Looking smart, boys: The wax figures will capture the band's youthful fashioin

I thought they were just glad that teen bop music was playing but then 3 tweens proceeded to lecture me on all things 1 direction…and a blow by blow of Harry Styles Fabulousity…

Then Taylor Swift began dating Mr Stles himself so I became a fan for the sake of my relevance in my job.

So With a huge worldwide fan base, people go to all lengths to meet them but now it’s going to be even easier to have a picture with the boys from One Direction.

Madam Tussauds confirmed on Monday that all five members are to be created as wax figures that will tour the world.

Those tweenie girls are prob passing out in glee all over again… i used to do that for Leo Di Caprio…aah the gud ol days…
Camera ready: the One Direction boys had two sittings to perfect their wax figures
He doesn’t know what makes him ‘Beautiful’
Hold still! The team from Madame Tussauds took hundreds of measurements

From start to finish, the waxworks will cost £150,000 to make – each.

The boys have had two sittings and had hundreds of measurements taken to make sure the likeness is as realistic as possible, and will be dressed in their usual smart-casual stage style.

Brings out the colour of your eyes! Niall plays about with the hair colour swatches
An arm and a leg: Liam poses for his wax figure

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