You know her as the funny, witty and smart co-host on Kiss 100’s The rush with Shaffie Weru…but today Kalekye released her new single, ‘My Baby’…and its awesome!

Check it out on E-News, Kiss TV….


BUT here’s an exclusive 1 on 1 se did just with us:)

– what your inspiration behind the song is

Well….fun!!! A good fun, danceable jam that women can relate to… its hard to tell a guy you feel him, so I did it for them in a song. Hope it can hook people up.

-Is there a particular ‘baby’ you are singing to;)
Mmmmmm eeeehh well, its a song to help all women who’ve gone through such a situation so no man in particular.

-what made you want to get into singing…you sound amazing and should have started way sooner!
What made me sing…..do my own music…Collo and Ulopa. They have been begging me for years, coz all I ever did was sing at karaokes and weddings. Over a Jameson one party night, Collo said we MUST do this, and somehow I agreed….soon as one week later we were in studio.

-what next for you…
More and more music….once you taste it….you cant get enough. Am loving it so much so track after track till I give you an album before the end of this year.