Former X FM Presenter, rugby pro, restauranteur and renowned chef, Kiran Jethwa is all set to shine in his new show Tales from the Bush Larder on National Geographic and we are so thrilled.


His restaurants in Nairobi, ‘7 seafood and Grill’ are immensely popular and my personal favourite is the one located at the Village Market (Their hanging steaks are a culinary dream for your taste buds).

Anyway back to the show,


Kiran tells us exclusively it came to be on NAt Geo as he has a contract with Fox International who own Nat Geo. His show is on a number of their platforms.

And Series 1 of “Tales from the Bush Larder” takes the viewer on a culinary adventure of Kenya, focusing on the fantastic local produce and the interesting people who are responsible for them. The show is lead by Kiran Jethwa a colorful and creative chef who uses these wonderful ingredients to produce delicious dishes, both in the bush and in his restaurant.

See Kiran harvest honey from some rather angry honeybees, avoid being struck by lightning whilst trawling for Omena on Lake Victoria, learn legendary customs of the Maasai including drinking cows blood, and help the Dassanech tribe wrestle with crocodiles on Lake Turkana. This visually striking, humorous and affectionate ode to Kenya and its food is a refreshing spin on both adventure travelogues and cooking programs and should simply not be missed!

We also asked him:
When does it premier (UK AUG 12TH)?
Correct- but please see below for other territories and  channels
So far Bush Larder 1 has been aired in 24kitchen (Foxs food channel) in Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Fox Finland , 24k Balkans, Viajar Spain and will be aired in :

–          Voyage France (sept13)

–          National Geographic Adventure Italy

–          NGA Asia (Pan-Asia!) : Oct 13

–          Fox Traveller India (Oct 13)

–          Utilissima Lati America (Oct 13)

And what was his experience of it…best and worst…
All good experiences. A continuous journey of food discovery. Really loved seeing how they catch Omena on Lake Victoria. Worst experience was being attacked by bees when harvesting honey in Machakos. The bee hive fell out of the tree and we got nailed!!
Check out the pilot….how Splendid:)