Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

I know its not healthy, but I eat at my desk…. with 4 jobs to juggle and all my content from the internet I love eating at my desk and I honestly hate buying lunch.

So I always bring my food from home…I have an excellent mother in law who concocts the most delicious dinners which helps with leftovers the next day but here are a few tips to upgrade your lunch the healthy way.

Fill out your lunchbox with the following:

  • Fruit – include fruit such as apples, grapes, plums and berries. Chopped fruit, fruit salad or dried fruit such as apricots, raisins and dates can be easily handled and eaten by children. A fruit smoothie is also a healthy option.
  • Vegetables – chopped vegetables such as carrot, celery and cucumber can be included with dips such as hummus to provide a nutritious snack. Cherry tomatoes, sliced peppers, baby corn and sugar snap peas are great for adding colour and are easy for young children to eat.
  • Desserts – fruit can be added to low-sugar jelly, or mixed in with natural yoghurt for a tasty dessert. Yoghurt drinks or small pots of custard or rice pudding can top up calcium intake and provide an alternative to more sugary or fatty options. If you like cakes and biscuits, try varieties such as hot-cross buns, scones and malt loaf. Include your favourite cake once in a while, but keep the portion small.
  • Variety is key to keeping lunchboxes appetising and appealing. Sandwich fillings can be packed with salad to add colour and nutrients, and accompanied by low-fat nutritious options such as lean meat, fish, egg and low-fat cheese.
  • Adding a treat every now and then is fine – try fun-size chocolate bars, snack-sized packets of biscuits and sweets to keep portions small and the calorie, fat and sugar content low.
  • Fruit and cereal bars are great for breakfast at the desk…
  • i mix a selection of pistachios, almonds and walnuts- my fave nuts- in a ziplock bag and snack on them throughout the day as Storebought mixes are expensive and odnt have the nuts i like
  • A colleague at work- Kamal Kaur- also makes her own dry fruit and nuts mixededition which helps her beat sugar lows…
  • or drink cups of green tea whenever you can…it increases your metabolism and burns fat

Have a happy healthy week….

I am dreaming food….not great at all!!

Man, as you get older getting rid of the belly and the chubb ( RARA for chubbiness) gets more difficult.

And it’s so difficult saying no to that chip, crisp, chapati, noodle or rice…. but I have to lose the kgs and i am no where close!

Last week I went to the doc and had to weigh myself…Lo and behold, the weighing scale nearly broke my heart by calmly blinking that i was 57 kgs!!

‘How’ I cried as i had thought i was 54.5 (my silly digital weighing scale at home had me believing i was moving forward! Bah Hamburger).

Then this morning, as I was speaking to my editor in ‘The Star’ one of my favourite designers politely stated that  I had increased my cushioning.

Poor chap thought he was complimenting me… i nearly curled up in my fat and died!

Now everytime i think of eating anything unhealthy i remember that line “wah Ruhila, ume ongeza’ and down goes that chip!

Very hard ‘Taking it off’ at the mo but shall keep you opsted….tips, exercise ideas and encouragemet all welcome!!




Taking it off Day 1

Man this is hard!

“I am craving my regular doughnut just before I go on air as the sugar is beneficial to my energy”…or so says the FEVIL (fat devil) on my shoulder!

It’s not worth it, eat the bowl of fruits in front of you as they are less carbs and healthy” says the annoying Thingel on the other side of my shoulder.


It’s now 3 pm and I find the picture of myself looking my best ever-i was 50 kgs on the dot here (taken at a fashion show i mc’d at last year August) and this motivates me to forget about the doughnut or the bhajias Siro and Dru are eating…sob!

Bigger picture Roo. Bigger Picture!

so here’s what i have indulged in so far:)

Breakfast: with Daisy and Spike ( my housemates doggies) keenly watching over me

-fruit shake

-cup of coffee with a pinch of sugar

– weetabix and rest of shake.


2 beef sausages- I am repenting that by spending an extra 15 minutes of dancing in my room this evening, gyms are shut by the time I get home from work. Stop judging me!


Salad- lettuce, onions, tomatoes, beans, carrots with a chilli yogurt,tamarind sauce and 2 teeny pices of brown bread.

with my coffee!


The detested bowl of fruit….


will be hummus and crackers when i get home with green tea!

Gupz is now eying me peculiarly as my stomach is rumbling like thunder and you can hear it through the mike!woops!!

Help me Lord!

Taking It Off…Introduction!

So in 4 Months I am about to take the hugest step of my life…but I don’t want to be Huge.

I plan on marrying my sweetheart and I have roughly 5 months to go to shed off the kilos.

the problem?

I LOVE my food.

And I confess I have the Fattest tooth ever…most people have a sweet tooth whereby they love to enjoy the sweets things in life, I on the other hand am addicted to fatty foods like Chips, Crisps, Rice, sausages, Noodles and sweet sweet tea!

Another problem I have?

I can’t say no to chips, crisps and all junky food!

And since November last year I have indulged my every craving and pigged out on every Fat imaginable!

I have always dreamed I will end up being a healthy yet thin bride but the way I am making constant stops to the fast food joints and Ice Cream stands I am having second thtoughts.

Last night I woke myself up after having a nightmare that I had to be rolled down the aisle and I lost my bearings and steamrolled my poor fiance!

That woke me right up from fatty state.

Hence my loyal readers i decided to give myself a challenge- a kg or even 2 a month to get to my ideal weight.

I am currently at 56 kgs and I would love to be 50 kgs (which i was when i was 20), so with this personal (and public) promise and challenge to myself, this is what Taking it off is all about!

I will try not to bore you with the mundane details about  my life and simply dedicate it to the food in my life. So feel free to send me tips on losing weight, encouragement and scoldings when i cheat…

Here go my Commandments:

Thou shall NOT have any chips, fired chicken nor sausages

Thou shall Not indulge in sugar

Thou shall banish COKE from thee’s life

Thou shall eat good carbs like Brown rice, brown bread and brown noodles to not starve oneself

Thou shall get healthy, sexy and thin and be dedicated to ‘Taking It Off”


It’s gonna be a bumpy ride but I am gonna need all of your help:)


Muchos Gracias,


a very grumpy, hungry bride-to-be!