So sad i missed this one, sick in bed with the worst flu:(sigh…but EAT OUT’s lovely Marketing Manager Kunali Dodhia looped me in on what I missed out….

Looks like Maya had a great time from LOUIS NDERI’s pics….  eating at my fave restaurant in town!











Fifty Shades of Grey film: Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam cast


The lead actors for the “50 Shades of Grey” movie have been chosen.  They are:  CHARLIE HUNNAM and DAKOTA JOHNSON.



 Charlie plays Jax on the show “Sons of Anarchy” . . . and he starred in one of the coolest movies of the summer, “Pacific Rim”.

  Dakota is the daughter of MELANIE GRIFFITH and DON JOHNSON.  She was in “The Social Network”, and she played Kate on the short-lived Fox sitcom “Ben & Kate”.

  The movie comes out next August.

Hopefully the film is scripted better than the writing in the book….should be an interesting watch…




Gandolfini was drinking heavily before his death


The “New York Post” claims that JAMES GANDOLFINI was drinking pretty heavily before his fatal heart attack in Italy last week.

  Sources say he downed at least eight drinks during dinner at the restaurant in the hotel where he died . . . including four shots of rum, two pina coladas and two beers.


  Not that it matters right?

He was also eating two orders of fried prawns covered in mayonnaise and chili sauce, and a, quote, “heaping” portion of foie gras.



  However . . . Gandolfini’s spokesman said Friday that autopsy results confirmed he died of a heart attack and natural causes, and that, quote, “nothing else was found in his system.”


  Meanwhile, Gandolfini’s body was flown from Rome to New Jersey last night on a private plane.  His funeral will take place Thursday at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City.


It usually takes up to seven days to return the body of an American who dies in Europe.  Secretary of State JOHN KERRY and BILL and HILLARY CLINTON helped make that happen a lot quicker.  In other words, even DEAD celebrities get treated better than you.



Congratulations to DJ creme who welcomed a gorgeous baby boy this weekend with his girlfriend. Our sources tell us, Crème has nicknamed the little tot- ‘his ninja’. How cute!



Four Traits of Terrible Bosses

Look what I found on Yahoo…Thank G for my awesome bosses……..sORRY YOURS SUCKS

 If you like complaining about how bad your boss is, here’s some more fuel for that fire.  According to an expert on leadership and middle management, here are the top four traits of terrible bosses. 

 #1.)  They Act Like They’re Above You.  A good boss makes you feel like everyone’s part of the same team.  But a lot of people in middle management like to make it abundantly clear that YOU are working for THEM.

 #2.)  They’re Not Transparent.  Good bosses don’t come across like they have a hidden agenda.  And they also don’t try to solve every problem on their own.  If there’s a potential issue with something, they’re usually open about it.

 #3.)  They’re Undisciplined.  A good boss keeps tabs on everything, and they’re clear about what their expectations are.  Bad bosses tend to ask for something, then not follow up until two weeks later, right before they NEED it.

That’s not to say your boss should be looking over your shoulder all day.  But if they don’t have a strong idea of what’s going on in the office, then they’re probably not doing their job all that well.

 #4.)  They’re Detached.  Meaning they’re always in their office, and don’t have much face-to-face time with you.

–It doesn’t just kill morale.  It’s also bad for business, because without spending time around their staff, they don’t get a solid idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.




Aniston and Theroux to tie knot in Hawaii?

 Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming nuptials are once again the subject of rumor roulette. This time, the scuttlebutt is that the actress is set to marry fiancé Justin Theroux in Hawaii.

According to idiots, the engaged pair are ready to exchange vows “any day now” in the tropical locale but her reps have denied this.

Whatever happened to them getting married in Kenya?

One Direction Get Waxed

I have to confess a couple of months ago, i had no idea who these guys were until a couple of tweenies passed out infront of me at the sight of the directioners at a 70th birthday party.

Looking smart, boys: The wax figures will capture the band's youthful fashioin

I thought they were just glad that teen bop music was playing but then 3 tweens proceeded to lecture me on all things 1 direction…and a blow by blow of Harry Styles Fabulousity…

Then Taylor Swift began dating Mr Stles himself so I became a fan for the sake of my relevance in my job.

So With a huge worldwide fan base, people go to all lengths to meet them but now it’s going to be even easier to have a picture with the boys from One Direction.

Madam Tussauds confirmed on Monday that all five members are to be created as wax figures that will tour the world.

Those tweenie girls are prob passing out in glee all over again… i used to do that for Leo Di Caprio…aah the gud ol days…
Camera ready: the One Direction boys had two sittings to perfect their wax figures
He doesn’t know what makes him ‘Beautiful’
Hold still! The team from Madame Tussauds took hundreds of measurements

From start to finish, the waxworks will cost £150,000 to make – each.

The boys have had two sittings and had hundreds of measurements taken to make sure the likeness is as realistic as possible, and will be dressed in their usual smart-casual stage style.

Brings out the colour of your eyes! Niall plays about with the hair colour swatches
An arm and a leg: Liam poses for his wax figure

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