Say “Cheese”! The Cheese Tasters Club host ‘Cheese, Wine and a Movie”!

I have loved ‘Casablanca’ since I was a little kid and had somewhat of a weird crush on Humphrey Bogart.

Maybe it’s the way he said “here’s looking at you kid”

Anyway…if you are thinking of a cool night out with some wine, cheese and total Zen then head to:

I mean what better way to spend a Thursday evening than with a glass of KWV wine, some amazing Brown’s Cheese canapés, and the classic movie Casablanca.

Sounds perfect to you? Then show up to the Cheese Tasters Club- who present a tasting event just for you!

Wine, Cheese & Movie.

Bliss isn’t it?

Fancy some pop-corn during the movie? They have that covered too with pop-corn AND ice-cream stands filled with different toppings to tickle your taste buds.

Join them on Thursday March 8th @ 6:30pm for a romantic event not to be missed!

Time: 6:30pm.

Venue: The great outdoors at the serene Zen Garden.

For reservations email or call 0721.811.876

See you all there!