Taking It Off…Introduction!

So in 4 Months I am about to take the hugest step of my life…but I don’t want to be Huge.

I plan on marrying my sweetheart and I have roughly 5 months to go to shed off the kilos.

the problem?

I LOVE my food.

And I confess I have the Fattest tooth ever…most people have a sweet tooth whereby they love to enjoy the sweets things in life, I on the other hand am addicted to fatty foods like Chips, Crisps, Rice, sausages, Noodles and sweet sweet tea!

Another problem I have?

I can’t say no to chips, crisps and all junky food!

And since November last year I have indulged my every craving and pigged out on every Fat imaginable!

I have always dreamed I will end up being a healthy yet thin bride but the way I am making constant stops to the fast food joints and Ice Cream stands I am having second thtoughts.

Last night I woke myself up after having a nightmare that I had to be rolled down the aisle and I lost my bearings and steamrolled my poor fiance!

That woke me right up from fatty state.

Hence my loyal readers i decided to give myself a challenge- a kg or even 2 a month to get to my ideal weight.

I am currently at 56 kgs and I would love to be 50 kgs (which i was when i was 20), so with this personal (and public) promise and challenge to myself, this is what Taking it off is all about!

I will try not to bore you with the mundane details about  my life and simply dedicate it to the food in my life. So feel free to send me tips on losing weight, encouragement and scoldings when i cheat…

Here go my Commandments:

Thou shall NOT have any chips, fired chicken nor sausages

Thou shall Not indulge in sugar

Thou shall banish COKE from thee’s life

Thou shall eat good carbs like Brown rice, brown bread and brown noodles to not starve oneself

Thou shall get healthy, sexy and thin and be dedicated to ‘Taking It Off”


It’s gonna be a bumpy ride but I am gonna need all of your help:)


Muchos Gracias,


a very grumpy, hungry bride-to-be!


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